Great Grub on the Road in Philly


What a city!!!! The best food city in the country is ready for the Thunder LB3 laxers in November. Here is a list of good grub spots to hit when we head up to Philly. First of all, we need to understand the attitude of Philadelphia. I have spent alot of time in and around Philly over the years. It’s a gritty, tough place where their sports icon, Rocky, is a guy that never really existed. They love being the underdog and don’t really care what you think. It’s a pro sports town.  It’s also a place where everybody has a nickname. Once you get above the Mason- Dixon Line, nobody is called by their god given name.  You have guys walking around calling each other, “Joey Banana’s”, “Little Nicky”, “Fat Tony” “Stinky Pete”. If our kids lived in Philly, a couple nicknames might be:

Gerard Kane “Pork Chop”

Drew Pritts “Jersey Kenny”

Tate Harran “Knee High”

Brooks Baro “Chatty”

Alex Gekas “Tommy the Greek”

John Z- “Nine Lives Johnny”

Alex Haskins-“Roadkill”


My food recommendations are as follows:

Pats/ Geno’s- 1219 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Legendary steaks in south philly. No frills, cash only.  Be specific and be prepared for the order.  “One whiz with, one provolone without.” Or, you can keep it simple and order a matching pair of cheese steaks: “Two Americans with”. If you freeze up, shout out these three words, “Fly Eagles Fly”.  See above. A special shout out to the guy in full “bat man” attire playing the banjo.

Tony Luke’s 1250 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA 19064

Go with the Pork Sandwich hots broccoli rab and cheese. A sandwich with no nutritional value but voted best sandwich in the country.

Leo’s Steaks 1430 Chester Pike, Folcroft, PA

Home of the 18 incher. Enough said.

Fellinis Cafe of Media, 106 West Street, Media , PA –  South Philly

Italian food is a must in Philly. We will be so close to south philly, our group needs to  experience true Philadelphia food.  Either go to Fellinis or any Italian restaurant in South Philly which will be very close to our hotel. Highly recommended. Fellinis is BYOB. South Philly joints include Ralphs, Popi’s, Scannocchio’s, Mr Martino’s Trattoria. Any spot in South Philly should blow away any italian place in Atlanta. It’s just different.


Happy eating!!!!






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