Showcases/Prospect Days

I am a big fan of showcases and prospect days as long as they are done the right way.  No need to chase prospect days all over the country in lieu of missing valuable practice time. When done the right way, they become an added benefit which compliments our club tournament schedule. Anybody that thinks they can land at a school by substituting club tournaments for prospect days is foolish. Coach’s want to see your skills vs. the best players in the country in a super competitive environment.  The club tournaments we go too provide this. Our kids are competing against the best kids and clubs in the country.  Since prospect days are open to anybody, they can be watered down. The biggest advantage that a prospect day provides is the ability to be coached and evaluated by the current staff in a controlled environment.  Sometimes it helps, other times coach’s come back and say “no thanks”. I was talking to a current head coach last week who told me they had a kid out on campus that was rated very high. Two drills into the first session, the kid was dogging it and acted like he was “too cool for school”. They dropped the player from their list. When you go out to these prospect days, play hard, play fast, and always show respect for the game.

Side note- Any local prospect day that will have more than 5 D1 coaches is a must. No flights, no hotel expense and no lost bags. Everybody should be signed up for next weeks Inside Lacrosse Showcase and the 1-77 South event in Charlotte. Our Orange 20’s and 21’s will be at another great event at Towson U during the I-77 south event.  It’s also a great way to showcase Atlanta lacrosse.


Coach P

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