“Long Live the King”


ShrivesIn a prior post, I mentioned I will be recognizing some characters in the game of lacrosse. I would like to mention yet another character or “cowboy”. Robert Shriver is one of the best. Coach Bobby Shriver or “Shrives” is a coaching icon in the Baltimore lacrosse community. After a distinguished career at Washington College, Coach Shriver migrated back to Baltimore landing at Boys’ Latin.  He was the  head coach at Boys Latin School for 34 years. Thirty four years is a ton of years surviving in the best league in the country. It will never be matched or broken.

Check out these unbelievable numbers from Coach Shriver:

507 wins

6 MIAA titles with 3 National titles

245 Boys’ Latin players went on to play college lacrosse

43 high school All Americans

75 First team All Metro selections

85 College All Americans including 3 Player of the Year Award winners in  John Glatzel(Syracuse), Ryan Mollett(Princeton) and Pat Spencer(Loyola). Glatzel and Mollett were on the same Boys’ Latin team. Spencer did not play varsity at Boys’ Latin until his junior year and was  behind guys like Wells Stanwick(Hopkins), Kevin O’Neill(Villanova), Shack Stanwick(Hopkins), Pat Foster(UNC), Colin Heacock(Maryland). Pat Spencer also coached our Thunder LB3 2020’s to the Naptown championship this past summer.

Not too bad for a school that has 280 boys in the high school.  Homecoming games at BL are during the spring, not fall. A legendary place to watch and play lacrosse where Friday afternoon crowds can top 3,000 for a big MIAA game down in the gully. Lacrosse really matters at Boys’ Latin.

One the best traditions in high school lacrosse also involves “Shrives”. Started years ago with a coaches argument about being late for a bus, this tradition will occur on the bus after every road win.  After Coach Shriver finishes his t.v interviews, signing autographs, he will board the bus to head back to BL.   As soon as he enters the bus, one captain stands up and yells, “Long live the King”, Coach Shrives just sits back with his silly grin then acknowledges his supporters with a “hang loose” gesture followed by a team “Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray” . Example is on clip 2 at the 7:04 mark after his last championship which was in 2014. Classic stuff.

Kids love Coach Shriver and always played hard for him. He created a legacy at Boys Latin that will last a very long time. I first met Coach Shriver  when he approached me at a middle school game about moving my son over to BL for his 9th grade year. After 4 great years, 75 wins and a ton of great memories, we never looked back. After retiring from coaching in 2015, he still plays a ton of golf, counts his money from his high school summer tournament and follows Georgetown lacrosse where is his son, David, is an assistant coach. I often run into the  vet at one of the local establishments in the summer with his poise of old players, aging Baltimore beauty queens, and the rest of Baltimore establishment elites. It’s quite the crew of characters. Sometimes I am even  lucky enough to get the invite to his member course, The Baltimore Country Club, on caddie day.

Over 100 years of playing St Pauls is a special rivalry.





Nice work, Coach Shriver .  You are one of the BEST!  A great example and role model for us coach’s out here still doing what we love to do!!!


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