Style is an important component to any lax tournament or game. Nobody wants to look “scrubby” running down the field this fall.  I would like to give out some wardrobe advice to our guys before heading up north.   First of all, you need to figure out the weather and field conditions.  Is it raining, hot, breezy, cold, turf, grass etc?? Up north this fall expect some rain, bad fields and cold weather.


1) Shoes– A lot of options here based on the field. Molded cleat works well for any field. Go with a white low top or high cut.  Never wear a black shoe, it makes you look slow.  Also, think twice before going with an off color shoe like a pink or gold. A lot of pressure showing up playing Team 91 wearing a gold or pink cleat. “You better be good wearing a shoe like that.” Another rookie move is wearing brand new cleats right out of the box. Welcome to blister city. A smooth move that is a off shoot of the AAU basketball circuit is going with an “after game” shoe. Nothing defines a “baller” better than  coming over to the sideline after a win and putting on your after game shoe. During the summer,  a slipper or flop works well. During the fall or winter, a UGG slip on is the call.

2)   Socks-If you choose the proper shoe, make sure your sock game is tight.  Go with a nice mid calf adrenaline or legacy sock. Crazy colors and stripes are ok. No-show ankle socks are not the play here. You look like you should be running in the Boston Marathon. In addition, ankle socks are a no go on turf. After every run, you will be picking pellets out of your shoes.

3) Leggings or tights  under your shorts will be your call.  In the fall, I get it if you need to keep your hamstrings warm. In the summer, it’s more about flash than substance and could probably be left in the bag. Our boy Rat , is a big leggings guy. If you can play like Rat, you can wear anything you want.



4) Sweatshirts/Under Armour. Nothing says “fish” more than a southern kid coming up north wearing a hoodie under their uniform.  At this point, it’s time to stop playing and get ready  to pledge Sigma Chi at Auburn. Not the look we need and college coaches will take notice. Go ahead and wear a UA mock cold gear long sleeve and move on.

5) Hair or Flow. I get the flow look. Having some “lettuce” hanging out of the helmet looks good. Lacrosse is years behind hockey regarding quality flows. Take a look at the Minnesota high school finals every year and the “Flow” tradition. Our Thunder/LB3 top ten flows are being selected as we speak for the big announcement coming next month.

Overall, it’s pretty important to remember that when we play up north everything you do is being evaluated including how we dress.

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