The Fall Grind was a Huge Success

Over the past five years, the fall has turned into a very important recruiting period for college lacrosse programs. When my son was playing club ball back in 2010-2011, the fall recruiting period was a one weekend deal. Kids played in one tournament that might of had 15 Division 1 college coaches watching. The fall recruiting period has now evolved into a ton of events all over the country. College coaches carefully plan what events to attend and where to send their staffs.  The sport of lacrosse has had rapid growth over the past 5 years and college coaches need this evaluation period to see as many kids as possible.  This tremendous growth also comes with more pressure on college coaches. Universities have committed a ton of money and resources to lacrosse programs. You now have “lacrosse only” facilities on campus, increased lacrosse athletic budgets and big increases in coaches salaries. The fall period is a grind, no doubt about it.  It is not easy on our kids and families. Football kids are flying up early Saturday morning while others fly in late Friday night. Weather can be dicey in the northeast in November which causes another set of issues for our families. As a program, we have decided each team really needs to go up twice to be seen and play against the best kids/clubs in the country.  Liam and I spend alot of time and effort researching fall events to make sure when we go up north, college coaches will be on the sidelines. We want to get maximum exposure for our kids. It’s the only way to do it right now. Our kids played hard competing against the best clubs in the country.  Now that the fall is over, the second wave of 2020 commitments will start to happen. I have spoken with many college coaches and families over the past two weeks. We have a bunch of recruiting visits in December which will result in some great offers.  I will also be at the IMCLA coachs convention in early December which will allow me to wine and dine the college guys a little more. (One of my best traits) I know with our 2020 Thunder LB3 kids, we could have as many as 10 kids get offers and decide to commit during this second wave.  If nobody has reached out to your son, DO NOT PANIC. We are only in the second quarter of the recruiting process. Remember, it’s a process. With the new recruiting rules, there is no rush for coaches to grab kids since they are just evaluating one class which right now are the 2020’s.  The remaining 2020’s will get offers and commit this summer. Use the next two months to get ready for your spring season. Get after it this spring and we start the process all over again this summer. Have a great Holiday!!!! Great job this fall.

As always, I am readily available to assist families through this process. 

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