Winter Showcase Advice

I know alot of you are planning attend a winter showcase. I would like to relay some advice to everybody leading up to the showcase. Remember, if a showcase is on a college campus, its an open enrollment meaning all skill levels will be there.


1) Body language is important. College coachs do not want to see you dropping your head, palms up or any negative reaction to a bad play.  Keep your head up and be super positive. Everybody makes mistakes.  Coachs are looking at what you do after the mistake.


2) Play with Energy “unknown to mankind”. Play hard and run full speed. Be an animal on ground balls. A “foul” is not a four letter word. Show off your athleticism.


3) “Little things” are important. Picking up a first time ground ball and moving it to the open guy is just as important as scoring a goal.


4) Communicate. Introduce yourself to your teammates so you know their names and can communicate with them during scrimmages. We have had two kids I know were recruited solely on their communication.


5) “Dont dance” If you get an opportunity to dodge, go north south and take a rip or move the ball if the double comes. Don’t be that guy where the ball dies in his stick.


6) Go play the best kids. If you are a defenseman or middie go play the best attackman, middie. That is where all the action will be.


7) On offense, you will only have the ball in your stick for only about 10% of the time. What will you do the other 90%??? Set picks, cut to the cage, clear thru to allow a dodger to run are all important things to do when you do not have the ball in your stick.


Good Luck to everybody.


A couple examples of “Energy Unknown to Mankind” are below.

Avicii ‘s coming out party was the 2012 Ultra Festival in Miami. (on Coach P’s bucket list) Coach P was there live in Baltimore, Pier 6 in 2012. Here is his last live show ever played in Ibiza. Great Energy!!!!


Or for the older audience, how about a little AC/DC with my man Angus Young. Coach P and Mrs Coach P’s favorite rock and roll band!!!!! Interesting fact- Coach P  suffered 30% permanent hearing loss during a 2006 show in Baltimore that included Cinderella, Skid Row, Guns and Roses headlined by AC/DC. What a show!!!!!!






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